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Till the End by neverdying

I've glnced at your other pieces and I admire- no I am AWED by what seems to be your personal touch- a dark setting illuminated by a dr...


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Lindsay Greene
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi, you can call me whatever the hell your heart desires, preferably though by my name.
Anyways, I am in 11th grade. I play the violin. My favorite color is green and I am a huge fan of Imagine Dragons. And I have wholeheartedly devoted myself to art.

Anyways, I started to spend more time drawing around 6th grade, and have been addicted ever since. I think I have improved very much, and hope to be an author/artist one day in my future.
I am currently working on my long time developed story/comic "Lurking in the Shadows".
Please drop by my Gallery and check it out!
And also look in my journals for more information.

See ya!


Fanfiction: owlcity2013
Fictionpress: LGreene13
Tumblr: Tempestinthestorm


Simple Full Body
Blind!Cinderella by TheTempestintheStorm
Image by TheTempestintheStorm
Simple Background
-Simple Shading/Coloring
Detail/Texture Portraits
I am the Phoenix of Flames by TheTempestintheStorm
Image by TheTempestintheStorm
-Detailed Lineart
-Detail/texture shading
Simple Portraits
Image by TheTempestintheStorm
-Simple Lineart
-Base Color + min. Shading
Image by TheTempestintheStorm
Image by TheTempestintheStorm
Image by TheTempestintheStorm
-With or without shading

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri May 8, 2015, 4:40 PM
Wattpad - Tumblr

Yup, you might have noticed a few changes around my profile- the first being my new username. This has already been a long time coming, and the timing of it is perfect, as I am planning on my beginning my comic "Lurking in the Shadows".

I have had a general rough draft of it already planned out, but I am still working out the details, such as character designs, specific plot points etc, etc. For the time being you will -hopefully- be seeing quite a bit of character sketches, concept art, and other sweet stuff, that will make you just as excited as I am, for getting this ball rolling.

More info to share is that I will be getting a job this summer! Britney Spears GOD! 
So that will be something that will likely affect the amount of stuff I upload this summer. I wish that were not the case, but c'est la vie.

Anyways, it might take me a little bit to update my commissions, but I am still taking them. I mostly do whimsical and fantasy so that would be my suggested option for commissions.

See ya guys later! 

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miraculous au: marinette by TheTempestintheStorm
miraculous au: marinette
In other words, y'all have heard of the breakdance au, now get ready for the angsty xmen style mutant sorta thing I'm working on just because I've been reading too many tearjerking fanfictions as of late.

took me more than eight hours straight and I am exhausted (and also extremely proud, because DAMNN) Adrien should be done sometime this week or the next.

(uh oh, now you all know I'm mlb trash)
TOG EYES REDONE by TheTempestintheStorm

Decided to redo this thing:

TOG Eyes

Honestly, I don't understand how come so many people liked that trash of mine (So many errors!).
So I decided to make it prettier, with more characters and more SPOILERS.
I am so sorry Nesryn, Evangeline, Wesley, Asterin, Kaltain, and Nox! Maybe I'll put you in the next one.
So anyways here ya go, and I'm exhausted from all this repetition, so I'm taking a break for a bit.

Left Row (Top to Bottom)

- Aelin Ashryver Galathynius
- Lysandra
- Aedion Ashryver
- Ansel of Briarcliff
- Chaol Westfall

Right Row (Top to Bottom)

- Sam Cortland
- Nehemia Ytger
- Sorscha (In other words, the three dead ones all in one corner)
- Dorian Havilliard
- Manon Blackbeak
- Elide Lochan

All belong to the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

Side Note: There was a terrifying moment where I almost submitted this without Rowan's tattoo. Pearl Emote 39 

Queen of Terrasen by TheTempestintheStorm
Queen of Terrasen

What the absolute hell.
Dear Santa, I should have asked you for a consistent drawing style.

Though seriously, I guess I should take into consideration the fact that the rough draft I did of this was on paper. 
A couple side notes are that 1) I have vector version of this I'm using as my profile picture, and 2) I am seriously planning on making a few gifs out of this. For one, I definitely want to make the flames change color (yeahhh, I'll get back to you guys on that) and what do you guys think about having "witchkiller" and "fire-breathing bitch-queen" flashing above her head? XD I'm definitely going to be looking in that this weekend. 

Anyways, hope you all enjoy our precious queen with a bit of a Terrasen flare in the background.

Aelin Ashyver Galathynius (c) Throne of Glass
Art Project: Inner Demons by TheTempestintheStorm
Art Project: Inner Demons
If you can recognize this character, then kudos to you.
 This was my most recent project signaling that we are halfway through the school year and I am so happy with how nice and simple it was to just use colored pencils. This isn't so much of a symbolic image that everyone could get, as it is more personal to my character that it is based off of. So fun fun fun, and it will be a while before I submit my next art project on here, since I literally just finished this today and it will be around a week before we begin brainstorming for our next project, and then there will be around two-three weeks after that before that project gets finished.
Art Project: Victorious Warrior

Meh, it really might not need the mature content filter, because there really ain't that much blood (Okay there's alot, but it's just alot of red) but better safe than sorry.

Now there is so much I want to gush about this project, like for example that this is by far the most violent piece I've ever done, and that is one of my favorites. But that would take forever and I don't think I have the patience to write that long. So a summary is, that this consists of charcoal, which is something I am mediocre at best with-and I also haven't used them in years-, with the color being acrylics that I put on after I sprayed the charcoal to keep it in place. I put tape down to separate the panels of the piece and basically just drew over it, and can I just say I felt like God when I pulled it away, because I had had no idea what it was going to look like.

So yeah, I am very, very, very happy with this piece. 

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